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Sky TV is the main arm of BSkyB, a company that was formed in 1990 and now has over ten million customers, Contact Sky. Sky TV is available in a whole range of plans and packages. There is something to suit every budget and viewing preference: Families, Movie Buffs and Sports Fans are all catered for. Sky understands people and that’s why it provides such a wide range of services.

For example, the company knows that a family is a group of individuals who, for the most part, have different likes. The answer is Sky Multiroom which allows family members to watch what they want in different rooms. Then there’s the fact that people lead crazily busy lives. This means that it’s not always possible to watch a favourite show when it airs.0843 507 7936

Sky understands and with On Demand and Sky+ the problem is solved as programmes can be watched anytime. Sky also realises that although people are busy they will find time to watch on the move. That’s where SkyGo comes in. It allows someone to watch TV on their iPad, iPhone, laptop or tablet. Talking of technology, Sky TV is at the leading edge with the only 3D channel in the UK. Sky3D takes viewers right into the action: Drama, Documentaries, Nature, Movies and Sport all leap out of the screen -

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Contact Sky Lots of people enjoy nothing better than settling down in front of the TV for a night at the movies. Sky Movies brings viewers 11 channels, so there really is something for every taste.

For those who like nothing better than settling down in front of the TV for a night of adrenaline filled sports action, then Sky Sports will not disappoint call the Sky Phone Number.

Other companies provide drama channels but Sky has used its broad base of contacts to set up Sky Atlantic which brings the best of US drama to the UK. Sky TV has an excellent track record for providing programmes for all tastes and continues to be at the sharp end of the constantly evolving televisual revolution: Contact Sky on 0843 507 7936


Contact Sky

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