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CSA Contact 0843 507 7934

A CSA contact number is crucial for a person who wants to inquire about child maintenance. CSA stands for Child Support Agency. It is an organisation that caters for a child’s daily living expenses in case the parents separate. Through CSA phone number, a person can sort out a prevailing problem with a child support arrangement. To qualify for CSA financial support, a child must be under 16 years of age. A person under 20 years who is enrolled for a fulltime education can also be considered. In such a case, the education level of the beneficially must not be higher than an A-level course. A person may contact Child Support Agency if an ex-partner is not helping to support a child. Through their intervention, such a problem can be corrected with ease.

CSA Phone Number

CSA ContactCSA phone number is open from Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm. On Saturday, the line is active between 9am to 5pm. The number is not in service on Sundays. Contact numbers can be found on the government website, or any form of written correspondence from CSA offices. When using any CSA telephone number, a person is required to identify himself or herself to a CSA operator. This can be done by giving the operator your national insurance number, and the date of birth.

A person can also contact CSA via post at CSA national helpline.

CSA Calculator

To apply for CSA or the statutory child maintenance service, the first step entails contacting the local CSA offices. The customer service team can then advice an applicant on the best service for the case. Normally, a person is mandated to provide relevant family information. Such information includes the national insurance number and bank account details. An applicant must also provide the full names of the child to whom he or she is applying. Any additional information about the application process can also be inquired via the official CSA contact number.

CSA Contact

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