DLA Contact Number

DLA Contact Number 0843 507 7945

For people with disability having a DLA contact number is important. Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is a benefit which is paid to people with a disability. The fund is aimed at helping them meet the added cost of living they incur because of their disability. Through DLA phone number, a person with a disability can ask any question about DLA to the DLA customer service team.

The customer service team is fully dedicated to serving the public. They help persons to ascertain whether they are eligible to apply for a DLA. Alternatively, instead of dialling the DLA phone number, a person can request an assessment form on the official DLA’s website. If applicants require assistance in filing the form, they can use DLA contact number to obtain assistance.

DLA contact lines are open from Monday to Friday between 8am to 6pm. This is with the exemption of days designated for bank holidays. Response from the customer service team on various inquiries is instant. Messages left for the team during weekends are attended to during the next business days.

DLA Phone Number

DLA Contact NumberApplicants who would like a DLA application form in braille can also use DLA phone number to obtain it. Consequently, if a
recipient of DLA ceases to obtain the fund, he or she can contact the agency to explain the change. The agency’s customer attendants can then give advice on the finest steps to follow to correct the situation. All DLA eligibility questions are answered by the agency’s benefits advisor.

Any person under the age of 65 can apply for DLA if he or she has a disability. An applicant is considered for DLA whether employed or not. An applicant is only mandated to produce justifiable statement of his or her disability. It is from the statement that the DLA rate to be used in determined.

The Disability Living Allowance rate varies from one beneficially to another. The rate a person receives depends on the amount of help a person requires. The rates vary from £20.55 to £131.50 per week. Applicants can confirm the rates with an agent via the DLA contact number.


DLA Contact Number

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