DWP Contact Number

DWP Contact Number 0843 507 0043

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), the Government department which has responsibility for welfare and pension policy, is the largest of the public service delivery departments with over 20 million customers; DWP Contact Number

The DWP’s work is largely organised through Jobcentre Plus, the Pension Service and the Child Support Agency and Child Maintenance Service.

Jobcentre Plus works in three specific areas; firstly, with employers to fill their vacancies; in addition to ‘standard’ job vacancies, Jobcentre Plus also works with young people to enable them to access Apprenticeships. Secondly, Jobcentre Plus works with people who are on basic unemployment benefit to find work; thirdly, it works with those who, because of a health condition or disability, are unable to work call DWP Contact Number

The Pension Service works with current pensioners, both in the UK and abroad, to ensure that they receive their entitlement with regard to State Pension and related benefits, such as Winter Fuel Payment, Cold Weather Payment and Pension Credit (Guarantee Credit and Savings Credit).

DWP Phone Number

Ex-pat pensioners are the concern of the Service because many are entitled to the benefits they would receive if they were still resident in the UK. DWP Phone Number.
The Pension Service also works with future pensioners to ensure that they are aware of the pension and benefits to which they will become entitled.

DWP Phone Number

DWP Contact NumberThe Child Support Agency (CSA) and Child Maintenance Service (CMS) become involved when parents have separated and cannot come to an arrangement over how much maintenance should be paid to support their child, or children. The CMS calculates the amount of maintenance and collects payments, where necessary.

However, the CSA would much rather parents come to an amicable agreement; to that end, it provides impartial information, acts as a mediator and supports both parents to help them make informed choices. DWP Phone Number

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DWP Contact Number

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