eBay Contact Number

eBay Contact Number 0843 507 0090

The world’s most popular auction site is very much an online operation but inevitably the eBay contact number there are going to be occasions when you’ll need it . Whether you’re looking to clear out some unwanted clutter from your home, are running a small retail business, or are simply looking for a bargain, chances are eBay is one of the first places you turn to online.

It’s open 24 hours a day and is accessible from all over the world, making it many people’s number one choice for online buying and selling. There are occasions though when you’ll need to speak to a person rather than a computer, and that’s when an eBay phone number comes in handy. This is especially true if there’s a dispute of any kind. Mostly the online auction community works on trust but from time to time things do go wrong. A package goes astray, or an item isn’t as described perhaps. In these cases having an eBay contact number can help you find the information you need to resolve things speedily, without having to wade through pages of online information or wait for replies to emails.

eBay Phone Number

ebay contact numberAside from solving problems, there are other occasions when you might need to get in touch with eBay too. For example, it has very strict rules about what you can and can’t sell on its site. You may have a query relating to overseas sales, or want to clarify the charges made for listing something on the site.

Perhaps you need help with creating a Buy It Now entry or re-listing something that’s failed to sell. With thousands of transactions carried out every day, eBay runs smoothly most of the time and you can use the site with confidence.

But like any complex online business, there are times when the only way to sort out an issue is to speak to a real person and that’s when it’s useful to have the eBay phone number at hand.

Ebay Community

Ebay Customer Service Number

You can call the eBay Contact Number if you haven’t received your item or follow this process.

  • Open a case and do your best to try resolve the issue with the seller yourself
  • Report to eBay if you have not resolved the issue within 8 days
  • eBay will be in touch within 48 hours

Can I Cancel my eBay Bid

In most cases its not possible to cancel an eBay bid. There are certain reasons that eBay may allow you to.

  • If your bid had an error for example if you entered £100 instead of entering £10
  • If the item you ordered now has a very different description that what it originally had
  • If you are now unable to get in touch with the seller

The eBay Guarantee states that if you don’t get your item you get your money back. You can call the eBay Contact Number to discuss this in more detail.

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