EON Customer Services Number

EON Customer Services Number 0843 507 7925

EON customer services number offers help and support on a variety of topics, from questions about tariffs to enquiries regarding their central heating care services.

EON is among the United Kingdom’s foremost integrated energy providers. As a retailer and supplier, they offer both natural gas and electricity to business clients and domestic customers all over the UK. EON is also an electricity producer, with an interest in various different modes of generation. As well as conventional fossil fuel sources, EON generates electricity using sustainable technologies. In particular, EON has adopted wind turbine technology as one means of meeting the increasing need for alternatives to fossil fuel.

For domestic energy customers, EON offer a variety of different tariffs and contracts. Customers can save money with their discount plans or by opting for a longer-term contract. For customers on a tight budget, EON offer prepayment meters. They also have a special Age UK fixed one-year contract that’s exclusively for the over-60s. EON’s range of services includes central heating care, an insurance package that covers the cost of maintaining and repairing radiators and other elements of the central heating system.

EON Contact Number

EON CUstomer Services NumberCustomers who need to get in touch with EON can easily contact them via the EON customer services number. The customer services department can help with issues such as understanding some aspect of a bill or finding out more about a particular offer. If a customer thinks they may have trouble paying their bill, a call to customer services is the first step towards making a more affordable arrangement.

In the light of the Government’s new energy-related schemes, particularly the Green Deal and the proposed introduction of smart meters, it’s likely that the customer services staff will be busier than ever. People may want to call the EON customer services number to learn more about these projects. EON customer services can also handle complaints and reports of problems affecting their gas or electricity services.

EON Customer Services Number

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