EON Phone Number

EON Phone Number 0843 507 7925

You may find you need the You may find you need the EON phone number for a number of reasons. After all, in recent years it’s become one of the leading energy providers in the UK, an energy company which not only operates in this country with 12,000 employees but 79,000 employees worldwide.

EON Contact

EON Phone Number

For instance, EON can also help you with the installation of a new boiler as well as giving protection for the central heating, plumbing, drainage and electrical equipment in your house. Another reason worth contacting EON is to change your energy or gas plan. Doing this could save you a lot of money over the year depending on your individual circumstances. On last thing which is worth getting via the EON contact phone number is a carbon monoxide alarm. These are becoming more and more popular all over the UK.

In the UK in fact, it’s an energy company which is investing a lot of money in renewable energy sources such as wind and water. For example, it has 19 working onshore wind farms and 2 offshore wind farms. It also has a biomass power station in Lockerbie. Biomass fuel being energy which is created from plant/biological material. In addition to this, EON is also one of the major gas storage companies in the UK.

Whatever your own specific enquiry is however, phoning EON may be a better experience than with some other energy companies since it was came top for overall customer satisfaction in a major energy company report produced in 2012. Just one more reason why you may find the EON phone number worthwhile knowing and using.

EON Phone Number

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