ESA Phone Number

ESA Phone Number 0843 507 7912

Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) offers those who are ill or disabled financial support if they are able to work they will also be given personalised help via ESA Phone Number.

Someone who is unable to work, because of a disability or illness, may be eligible for ESA if they are under State Pension age or not in receipt of Statutory Sick Pay, Statutory Maternity Pay or Jobseeker’s Allowance. Someone who, although ill or disabled, is still able to work may apply for ESA via the esa Phone number if they are employed, self-employed, unemployed or a student on Disability Living Allowance,

As part of the process the applicant will be asked to complete a ‘Limited capability for work questionnaire’; there is a different questionnaire in Northern Ireland. In addition, during the first 13 weeks of receiving ESA, a person may be asked to attend a Work Capability Assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to see if their illness or disability does affect their ability to work; a medical assessment may also be included for more info call the ESA Phone Number on 0843 507 7912

ESA Contact Number

esa phone numberAfter someone, who is able to work, has received ESA for 13 weeks they will be placed in one of two groups: Work-Related or Support.

The first group is generally for someone who is able work with few problems. They must attend regular interviews with an adviser, who will help them with personal goals, skills improvement or any issues that have arisen. Failing to attend interviews may result in reduction of ESA.


The Support Group is usually for someone whose illness or disability severely limits what they can do; it differs from a Work-Related Group in that a person does not have to attend interviews, but may request to speak to an adviser, who can help with issues etc just call ESA Contact Number on 0843 507 7912

The amount of ESA a person receives depends on their circumstances and the type of allowance for which they are eligible: contribution-based ESA or income-related ESA. the allowance is paid into an account, such as a bank account for more information call the ESA Contact Number.

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ESA Phone Number

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