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Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, known as HMRC, are responsible for the collection of taxes, distribution of benefits and enforcement of regulations such as the National Minimum Wage, and therefore finding the correct HMRC contact can be difficult. Some of these functions are devolved to other agencies, much as local councils and job centres, whilst others it exercises itself.

As such a big organisation, getting the correct HMRC phone number will depend upon whether you are looking in the right part of the organisation. HMRC itself tends to group enquiries into three distinct groups – individuals and employees, employers, and businesses and corporations. Once you have established which category your enquiry falls into, there are further HMRC contact headings given, such as tax, benefits, National Insurance or VAT within the individual and employees category, or tax, VAT or other for businesses. There are also HMRC contact numbers for tax advisers and agents who may deal with your tax affairs on your behalf.

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HMRC Phone Number

HMRC ContactThe HMRC website also contains a sector where it tries to answer your queries before giving you the relevant HMRC phone number. Due to the size of the organisation, this is to try and reduce the volume of calls the HMRC receive daily. Many of the HMRC helplines open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 4pm on Saturdays.

HMRC employ approximately 67,000 people, and have 17 call centres across the UK, dealing with a variety of issues, and taking 140 million calls a year. There has been criticism in recent years that the call centre provision was unable to deal with the volume of calls received, however additional investment has helped to bolster the number of call handlers, as well as a reorganisation that has routed corporate tax enquiries through the HMRC phone number to two dedicated call centres in Cardiff and Glasgow, rather than through local tax offices.

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HMRC Contact

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