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O2 Customer Service 0843 507 7931

O2 Customer Service can be reached on the O2 phone number. We are available to help new and existing customers gain access to O2 products and services.  O2 is a private limited company founded by John Carrington in 2002. The company head office is located in Slough, Berkshire.
Prior to this the company traded as BT Cellnet. In 2005, O2 was taken over by Spanish telecommunications company Telefónica. O2 retained its separate identity and United Kingdom focus. At this time O2 also became responsible for some of Telefónica’s Czech and German business interests.
In the summer of 2012, O2 and Vodafone agreed to combine their network resources creating a joint holding of 18,500 transmitters. Each will introduce 4G LTE networks during 2013.

• O2 is a leading provider of mobile telephone services, fixed-line services and also home broadband.

• O2 Wallet is a phone app for easy mobile transfer of money – a virtual wallet. Existing debit and credit cards can be set up and used for top-ups, online shopping and more. The facility is free for all phone networks and all banks.

o2 Customer Service• O2 Money Account Card allows tracking of cash via a contactless card which can be used on the Visa banking network. Text alerts are provided and the free service is guaranteed safe and secure.

• O2 Train Travel is a phone app which facilitates checking timetables, route planning, finding cheapest fares and booking tickets. It can be linked to O2 Wallet for fast, easy and secure booking without fees.

• O2 Priority Tickets allows O2 customers to secure priority tickets for gigs and events up to 48 hours prior to general release.

• O2 Priority Moments makes top brand shopping offers and experiences instantly available.

• O2 Priority Sports is a phone app which gives fans exclusive access to sporting offers and experiences.

• O2 Tracks gives O2 customers non-stop access to all the latest hits on the Official UK Top 40.

Remember to call O2 Customer Service on the O2 phone number to access our customer support network. The O2 contact number is your gateway to O2 products and services

O2 Priority Moments

O2 Customer Service

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