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O2 Phone Number 0843 507 7931

Anyone who already has an O2 phone number will be aware of the quality service provided by this mobile phone provider. O2 are one of the largest providers of both mobile phone pay as you go and pay monthly contracts. They also provide a number of other services to their customers including broadband provision, landline rental and an IT communications improvement service. O2 claim that they have spent over one billion pounds improving their service in recent years. The quality of customer service that can be expected with an O2 contact number is extremely high, with the operator coming last in a survey of the most complained about network operators. Customers can even check the network coverage of their area by looking online. This means that customers shouldn’t have to complain about coverage levels being poor where they need it. O2 were the first network in the UK to sell the multi award winning Apple iPhone and now have over one million iPhone customers. In addition to this O2 were also the first network provider to provide the 3G service to their customers. O2 were recently in the news due to a deal worth two hundred million pounds for the sale of their broadband sector to Sky. The England rugby team are currently sponsored by O2, greatly increasing the publicity of the brand.

O2 Contact Number

o2 Phone NumberPriority Moments is their main reward scheme. It encourages a lot of customers to use O2 and enjoy the rewards of having a O2 contact number. Priority moments is a way in which the customer is able to choose exactly which type of reward they want from a large range offered by O2.

Some of the regular rewards include free restaurant tickets, free entry to popular city attractions, access to live music tickets before they go on sale to the general public and wide range of other attractive rewards. O2 Priority Moments is available to anyone who has an O2 phone number.

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O2 Phone Number

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