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PayPal is an online business which allows people and companies from around the world to send and receive payments electronically. It can be used to buy things from large corporations, or simply to forward a friend or relative a small amount of cash. In all cases the two parties involved keep their financial details totally private, making it a very safe way to move money. PayPal also have measures in place to prevent fraud and phishing and ensure transfers are completed successfully and securely. It is completely free to set up; all that is needed is an email address. It is easy to create an account on the website, and once it is established, sending and receiving payments is quick and simple. Any difficulties can easily be resolved by calling the PayPal phone number where agents can help with most problems and queries.

Paypal Phone Number

paypal contact number ukFounded in 1998 in California, with its headquarters in San Jose, PayPal is a global establishment which is still rapidly growing. There is part of the company operating in Europe from Luxembourg which covers Britain, and a PayPal contact number for the UK is available. Currently Ebay owns PayPal and it is used by the majority of individuals and businesses who buy and sell on this huge Internet market place. PayPal makes a profit by charging fees to the sellers for some of the transactions. The amount charged varies depending on the value of the item and all the fees are detailed on the Ebay website, or can be discussed by calling the PayPal phone number.

PayPal can be used as the payment method on a growing number of Internet websites. Most of the large high street companies are adding this option to their checkout pages. There are also special offers and discount codes available through PayPal which can be found on their website. To find out more about these offers call the PayPal contact number UK.

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Paypal Contact Number

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