UKBA Contact Number

UKBA Contact Number 0843 507 0046

The UKBA contact number is one of the most commonly sought after contact numbers in the UK. UKBA is the acronym for UK Border Agency, which is a border control agency belonging to the British Government. The UKBA is also a constituent of the Home Office. Very few agencies in the UK are as large as the UKBA. This global organization operates in more than one hundred and thirty countries around the world including the local communities. There are more than two hundred and fifty VISA application centers under the UKBA that look after the UK visa applications from applicants all over the world. At times people may have some confusion regarding the VISA application process and this is when they look for the UK Border Agency contact number.

Our website is the most reliable source for UK Border Agency contact number. We have arranged for authentic and accurate numbers of the UKBA. You can use the telephone numbers of the agency listed on our website for contacting them directly. People mostly contact them for information about immigration, VISA, British citizenship, travel information, customers, UK policies and law.

UKBA Contact Number

UKBA Contact NumberAlthough the UKBA has offices or branches in more than a hundred and thirty countries around the world, the head office of the agency is situated at Marsham Street in London. The UKBA can be segregated into four different sections: operations, enforcement and crime, immigration and settlement and lastly the international operations and visas.

The immigration and settlement section of UKBA handles the operational areas like enforcement and casework functions in the UK. The international operations and VISA section takes care of all the work outside the United Kingdom which include issuing and conducting pre-flight checks. The work of this department, however, excludes juxtaposed controls. The enforcement and crime department of UKBA manages criminal cases, executes criminal investigation, gets rid of foreign national prisoners and looks after removal and detention centres of the British Government. The work of UKBA is supervised and checked by John Vine, who is the current Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration.

Although the official website of UKBA has a lot of information listed, sometimes one may need some verbal clarification. In such scenarios, it would be advisable to use the UKBA contact number listed on our website.

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UKBA Contact Number

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